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Scratch that. It's downright cramped!

And it can be incredibly hard to stand out from the crowd when you're standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other business owners who are all vying for the attention of those golden-ticket prospects.


It's enough to make even the pros start to wonder . . .

. . . "Are Facebook Ads even worth it anymore? They're not converting like they used to."

. . . "My email subscribers are so silent . . . I'm beginning to think they're all bots!"

. . . "Why do I waste my time creating social posts when they always flop?"

I've heard it ALL before. And here's the thing . . .

There's one simple (and proven!) strategy that can transform your biz.

Something that can help you stand out as an expert in a sea of gurus.

And finally relax knowing you don’t have to scramble to keep up with fleeting marketing trends (’cause you’ve got an evergreen machine doing all the heavy lifting, 24/7).

There’s a simple system you can put in place yourself to generate leads (I’m talking about those credit-card-at-the-ready kind of leads!) like clockwork . . .


It’s a quiz funnel.

Okay, I know what you're thinking . . .

“Quizzes? Aren't those kinda gimmicky? Or old-school?”

You'd be surprised . . .


Sure, they’ve been around for a bit

(I've been leveraging quizzes to supercharge my email list and generate sales since 2014!).

But their lead gen power is not fizzling out anytime soon.

Because quizzes present a unique opportunity for us to offer our audience a highly personalised experience.

Which translates to more clicks, more shares, and more subscribers

(Oh, and more sales, of course!).


Nikki Clark

“"Organic leads in my email list right away with 3 strategy calls booked and 2 sales from that. Amazing numbers already!" ”

Wellness Business Coach

SO IT'S TIME FOR A POP QUIZ!(yeah, I went there!)

Icon 120 (2)(2)Interactive content gets how many more conversions than fixed content? . . . 2X more!

Icon 120 (5)What per cent of users who take a quiz go on to buy something? . . . 7-10%!

Icon 120 (3)(2)How much more effective is personalised marketing than run-of-the mill content? 202%!

And here's the other thing . . .

Quizzes are just plain fun! People want to take them.

And while the average quiz is packed with entertainment value, they're also a lot more strategic than you might think.

Because unlike traditional lead magnets, quizzes give us the power to segment our audience based on their results. And offer them customised follow-up content that speaks to their soul (and ignites their buying desire!).

And it's easier than ever to create a quiz funnel that sets your lead gen on autopilot . . .

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Looking For A Generic Solution?

Yeah ... you're NOT gonna find that here 

X This isn't a YouTube video that's going to make you compromise your authenticity to create a fluff-filled quiz (But hey, I don’t judge. If you wanna find out your celebrity soulmate based on your favourite foods, go for it).

X It's not a haphazard course from some guru who’ll give you the basics but guard the recipe for the secret sauce with their life (Or worse: make you upgrade to unlock bonuses!).

X And it's not a done-for-you offer from an expensive agency that's going to set you back thousands of dollars ('Cause the tech is really not that difficult to master. Yes, even if you can barely remember how to log in to your Netflix account!).

This is a highly specialised course that's:

Created exclusively for coaches, consultants, and savvy service providers who want to generate leads strategically (and automatically!).


Designed by me, Nikki Clark, a real-world brand strategist and quiz pro who actually uses quizzes to hit revenue targets

(I'm talking about $328,000 in 2020 alone ... but more on that later)

The only DIY solution that gives you ALL the resources and extras you need to get your quiz funnel churning out leads ... in just one weekend! 


This self-paced, step-by-step program has empowered hundreds of service-based biz owners to ...

>> Gain authority as the expert with ALL the answers

>> Turn a trickle of leads into a full-blown waterfall

>> Convert leads into raving fans automatically

... and do it organically or while spending less than $5 per day on ads!


Email Lists Are Growing (And Sales Are Flowing!) ...

Nikki Clark

“I kept hearing Nikki talk about brand building with a quiz but I put it off for so long. When I finally launched my Bravery quiz, I doubled my email list in two weeks! Quizzes work, they really work!”

Author, Copywriter & Bravery Leader

Nikki Clark

“"Brand Power Quiz Method is an AMAZING program and the support is incredible! The first week of running my quiz I added 150 new contacts to my email list. And my percentages in my quiz funnel were higher than the norm! I would 100% tell anyone who wants to grow their community especially their email list to buy the program and work the entire program." ”

Time & Profitability Strategist

Nikki Clark

“I still have your Brand Archetype report 5 years on and I still use it! Goes to show how valuable a great quiz can be for your business.”

Business & Mindset Mentor

Nikki Clark

“A quiz is such a great way to make a personal connection with your audience right away from that first interaction. It skips the getting to know you part and fast tracks your know, like and trust!”


Let's Take A Look AT The Scoreboard

When you enrol in Brand Power Quiz Method, you'll get four self-paced modules and an exclusive invite to my practically encyclopedic Facebook group.
(Oh, and you’ll get heaps of bonuses too!)

Module One: Fool-Proof Funnel Foundations

Lay the groundwork for a wickedly high-converting quiz funnel. In this module, you'll uncover:

  • The four pillars of a brand-boosting, sales-swelling quiz
  • Three proven funnel structures (and how to choose the perfect fit for your biz!)
  • How to develop a quiz concept that screams: "I'm an expert and I know it!"

Module One: Fool-Proof Funnel Foundations

Ready to hit the conversion sweet spot? I'll empower you to turn over 40% of your quiz takers into email subscribers (Yes, I'm serious!). This module reveals how to:

  • Write irresistible headlines that get people clicking like crazy
  • Design questions that demonstrate your undeniable value
  • Ensure your quiz results effortlessly funnel your audience to your offers

Module Three: Stress-Free Setup

Think of this module as the magic wand that'll help you bring your quiz to life. (Yes, even if you're not a tech wizard!) Inside, you'll discover:

  • The simple software that makes creating your quiz a breeze
  • The easiest way to get your quiz embedded on your site and in your ads
  • How to use your email marketing software to nurture leads in your sleep

Module Four: The Ultimate List Assist

Your foundation is set. Your questions are compelling. And your tech is doing its thing. Now it's time to grow your list. I'll show you exactly how to:

  • Get your quiz seen by the right people at the right time
  • Easily amplify your social proof (and snag those all-important shares!)
  • Leverage ads to boost your quiz withOUT breaking your budget

Bring On The BONUSES!

I told you this course covers it ALL, right?
Take your quiz (and your sales!) to the next level with six exclusive extras:

1. Map It Out (Valued at $57!)

Unlock my three go-to funnel maps and discover the straightforward way to nurture your leads (and start bringing in sales right away!).

These work no matter what you're selling. Services? Courses? High-ticket programs? I've got your roadmap at the ready.

2. Start Taking Names (Valued at $57!)

A compelling title can be the difference between constant clicks and . . . crickets. So go on and steal my top 50 quiz titles. Use them as a template or let them spark your creativity.

You're sure to find inspiration in these titles (yes, even if your industry is incredibly niche!).

3. Ace Your Ads (Valued at $197!)

Facebook Ads are a beast . . . but one that can be tamed (with the right training, of course!). My comprehensive Facebook Ads tutorial reveals exactly how to optimise your campaigns for list building.

AND I'll give you a look at my own ad campaign structure and creatives. (Yes, those ads. The ones that generate thousands of leads per month.) Nothing's a secret here!

4. Craft Copy That Converts (Valued at $97!)

Even with Facebook Ads training under your belt, there's still something standing between you and a seriously low cost per lead: writer's block. Break through it and discover how to craft killer creatives with my Facebook Ad copywriting template.

I'm also giving you a gallery of real-world Facebook ad examples that build email lists like mad.

5. Skyrocket Social Sharing (Valued at $117!)

Climbing the social ladder can be draining. But not with my pre-packaged promo posts. Unlock specialised templates that make launching (and teasing your launch!) effortless.

No more scrambling to pull a last-minute social post together. (Did I just hear a sigh of relief?)

6. Electrify Your Emails (Valued at $397!)

Email is one of the most effective marketing platforms out there. But your emails are destined to gather cobwebs in the junk folder unless they grab your reader's attention (and hold onto it for dear life!).

Ensure your emails are set up to sell with my plug-and-play email sequence templates.

 My Brand Power Quiz Method is worth thousands

But you'll unlock everything you need to take your email list (and sales!) up a notch - the four core modules AND the six exclusive bonuses - for just ...



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Enjoy instant (and unrestricted) online access to the entire course for a one-time payment of $597!

Payment Plan


x 3 monthly instalments

Work through the course in bite-sized pieces with three payments of $200!

Nikki Clark

“We're seeing a 2X Return on Ad spend with our quiz which is higher than we've achieved before the quiz!”

Undercover Architect

Nikki Clark

“I've doubled my traffic and generated x100 more subscribers compared to my other opt-ins and my quiz conversion rate is 70%!”

Grant Method

Nikki Clark

“The Brand Power Quiz Method is incredible. I swear it's just answered all my questions of pulling all the pieces together. I'm OBSESSED.

I'm truly grateful that I found your brand. This is the EXACT support I need and have been looking for. Great job and sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart!!!”

Wealth Strategist

Meet Your Quiz Master

... That's me, Nikki Clark.

I'm a brand strategist, content marketer, and copywriter.

And – if you somehow haven't already guessed it – I'm a big fan of quizzes!

And that's not just because they're entertaining (and maybe even the slightest bit addicting) but it's also because I've seen firsthand the lasting impact they can have on a brand.

I launched my first quiz back in 2014. In just three weeks, over 1,500 people had taken it (and that alone blew my mind).

But what's even more mind-boggling is that the leads I collected through my quiz funnel were so engaged – so primed and ready to buy – that I booked out my services a year in advance (Yes, a full 12 months!).

It's safe to say I've never looked back since.

Today, over 15,000 people have taken my quizzes. And they're still just as effective as they were almost 10 years ago.

In fact, my Brand Story Archetype quiz is responsible for helping me hit well over a quarter-million in revenue in 2020 (But that's nothing compared to the peace of mind it's given me knowing I don't have to pump out new content day after day).

I’m on a mission to empower others to enhance their brand power too. I help my clients launch (and sell!) their offers, land high-impact speaking gigs, and reach their wildest revenue goals (I'm talking millions!).

And I can help you elevate your brand as well.

... It all starts with my Brand Power Quiz Method.

Nikki Clark Montage

You'll LOVE This Course
... I Guarantee It!

I'm a big believer in taking risk ...

... In fashion. In love. In adventure. 

BUT you shouldn't have to take risks with your hard-earned cash. Or the biz you’ve poured your heart and soul into.

That's why your purchase is backed by my 100% Happiness Guarantee.

Give Brand Power Quiz Method a go for seven days. Embrace the lessons. Complete the workbooks. Apply the material.

If you're not totally satisfied with the insights it delivers or you're stuck on something and just can't seem to make it work (even with the support of my Facebook group!) . . .

Contact me within seven days of enrolment and I'll give you a full refund.

Risks can be freeing . . . but sometimes peace of mind is better.


Are You Ready To Watch Your List Grow?

  1. T I R E D of throwing up social posts #EveryDamnDay. There's got to be a better way to attract leads, right? (Psst! This is it. This is the better way.)
  2. Straight-up D O N E with one-to-one marketing and ready to embrace the wonderful (but admittedly intimidating) world of automation (Don't worry, my training will be with you at every turn!).
  3. Eager to leave the tire-kickers in the dust and start attracting leads who L O V E what you do ( . . . and are more than willing to pay you for what you've got!).
  4. Intrigued by the idea of creating a quiz funnel that S E L L S. (Yes, even if you don't have a sweet clue what your quiz would even ask!)
  5. Ready to fill your email list with prospects, F A S T. (Like I-want-new-leads-in-just-48-hours kind of fast!)
  6. Game to finally stop operating as the best-kept secret in your industry and get K N O W N as the expert you are. *Cue the applause* 

Go On, Quiz Me!

Can I make this course work with my already busy schedule?

I'll start with the short answer . . . Hell, yeah! And the long answer? I'm giving you four self-paced modules. So if you feel like taking it slow and soaking up all the expert knowledge, you can achieve game-changing results by putting in just two hours a week for four weeks. If slow just isn't your speed (and I'm right there with ya!), you can launch your lead-generating machine – yes, I'm talking about your quiz funnel! – in just 48 hours.

Tech is not my friend. What if I get stuck?

Pssh! I'll get you buddy-buddy with tech in no time. (Because, truthfully, building an effective quiz is not that hard . . . at least not when you have the step-by-step instructions at your fingertips!) But if you do get stuck, you'll find all the support you need in my private Facebook group. And if you're still not 100% happy (even though I'm confident you will be!), don't hesitate to take advantage of my seven-day money-back guarantee.

What makes this quiz course different from all the rest?

I wasn’t kidding when I said this course is the OG. I've been building quizzes since 2014. And I've been teaching others how to use quizzes to pack their email lists with ideal prospects for nearly as long. So when you sign up for Brand Power Quiz Method, you're getting proven strategies. Not generic advice from an online tutorial or a half-baked course from a newbie creator. This course is the real deal. Oh, and it comes with ALL the swipe files, creative prompts, and funnel maps I personally use to reach my lead gen (and revenue!) goals.

I'm selling a digital product. Will this course work for me?

Glad you asked! Yes, this course will help you attract your ideal buyers with ease AND significantly rev up sales of your digital offer. But it will also work for those who don't have a digital product to sell. Quizzes are a surefire way to get high-paying prospects lining up to buy your courses, programs, and services (whether virtual OR in-person!).

Need Help Keeping Score?

Sure thing! When you enrol in Brand Power Quiz Method, you'll unlock:

BPQM Product Mockup (3)

Four comprehensive (and ridiculously easy-to-follow) training modules (Valued at a combined $588!)):

  1. Fool-Proof Funnel Foundations: Design a funnel that churns out your dream leads 24/7 using my go-to models
  2. Conversions On Command: Get perfect-fit prospects clicking (and buying!) using my proven methods to amplify desire
  3. Stress-Free Setup: Embrace easy-to-use tech and create a seamless user experience using my simple quiz-building structure
  4. The Ultimate List Assist: Increase your email subscribers (without increasing your stress levels!) using my highly-coveted list-building strategies

. . . Six exclusive BONUSES (Valued at a combined $922!)

Three maps that’ll help you build your funnels (and avoid the detours!)
50 quiz title ideas that'll stop your ideal customers mid-scroll
Facebook Ads training that’ll make crafting campaigns crystal clear
Facebook ad examples that'll turn you into the Shakespeare of ads
Social media post templates that'll save you hours (maybe even days!)
Email swipes that’ll lock in those sales . . . withOUT sounding salesy

. . . AND access to my private Facebook group for all the extra support (and inspiration!) you need.

That's a $1510 value . . .

But you can snag it all right now for a one-time payment of $597!

. . . OR three payments of $200

Let’s Get My Funnel Flowing!